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Posted on: September 1, 2017

Disruption of water ‘aesthetics’ possible for September

Water Tower by Riggins 6

Beginning this month, Miami County Rural Water District 2, the City’s water supplier, will conduct their annual Free Chlorine Burnout to the water distribution system.

This will cause some disruption in the aesthetics of the water including the taste and smell of chlorine and possibly discoloration of the water.

“This is an acceptable method of disinfection that is being monitored at the water treatment plant, as well as throughout the City of Spring Hill’s water distribution system,” Jim Boyer, utility superintendent for Spring Hill, said. “Although this process is necessary for water distribution system quality assurance as annual routine maintenance, the water is safe to drink during this process, is tested daily and meets Kansas Department of Health and Environment chlorine residual guidelines.”

The Free Chlorine Burnout began Sept. 1 and is expected to last through Sept. 30.

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